The Power Of Kindness

The Benefits Of Grief

Are we able to speak truth, in a society that lives in denial?

Hannah Malcolm argues that homesickness in a dying world is the only response to the destruction of our home. Extracts from her award-winning piece for the Church of England’s Theology Slam 2019

It’s the new normal I think – a beloved pear tree, half-drowned loses its grip and falls over; the train line to Cornwall washes away. The new normal! We can’t even say abnormal to each other out loud – it reminds us of what came before. It’s hurting. It’s hurting in a lot of ways…It’s hurting me big time and I just keep it to myself. “The land mourns and all who dwell in it will waste away with the beasts of the field and the birds of the air, even the fish in the sea will disappear.”

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