The Power Of Kindness


Towards A Unifying Response To The Meta-Crisis:

  • Caring For Life
  • Regenerative Perspectives In Practice
  • The Synergetic Power of Kindness vs The Extractive Nature of Power

Unifying Compass

Mutualism as a political frame

Putting kindness into our daily organisational and personal practice, offers a unifying ethical compass towards a a coherent, just, effective, ecological, social and more productive society that potentially can transcend divisions of right and left through a frame of critical but compassionate mutuality
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Make History

Beyond secular fundamentalism

The historical transition we are currently living through presents urgent challenges and an important opportunity for faiths and civil society to redefine cultural and policy norms and thereby play a greater role in the governance of institutions, communities, technology and business. 
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Evolve With Us

A kindness revolution

A ‘kindness revolution’ is a necessary and desirable pre – condition for successful action on climate and biodiversity as well as a transition towards a wellbeing economy – focused on the creation of social value, scaling Trust and the nurturing and protection of life,.
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Devotional Art Images Courtesy of Rah Rivers