The Power Of Kindness

Activism and Eco-Spirituality

This event took place Friday October 9th 2020

A Recording Of The Webinar Is Below

Our speakers were Dr Justine Huxley & Skeena Rathor. It was hosted by Professor Chris Baker of The William Temple Foundation

Our Themes Were

  • What are the challenges of the time we are in?
  • What change do you want to see?
  • What is our responsibility and the role of faiths and civil society in these changes?

We heard about the regenerative perspectives and practice from two exceptional leaders at the cutting edge of the challenges we face.

Dr Justine Huxley

CEO of St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace. 

St Ethelburga’s builds community resilience for times of ecological and social emergency.   Their work is rooted in four core principles:  Put values into action; Seek opportunity in Crisis; Build community across differences; and Protect what is sacred.

Projects focus on community conflict, integration of refugees, and deep adaptation to climate breakdown.  St Ethelburga’s calls for radical leadership in times of crisis.  Justine leads on vision, strategy and programme innovation and has a passion for advancing the next generation of leaders and peace-makers. Her first book, Generation Y, Spirituality and Social Change is a collection of interviews with millennials living a radical new vision of faith and action. Justine has a Ph.D in psychology. She previously worked as a communications consultant and prior to that, on the trading floor of a global investment bank.  

Skeena Rathor

Co-founder of the Extinction Rebellion DNA and the XR ‘Vision Sensing’ group, the spiritual and visioning centre of Extinction Rebellion. Presently she is leading The XR and Movement of Movements Co-Liberation Project and Campaign. She is also an elected Councillor on Stroud District Council, Co-Founder of Compassionate Stroud as well as a national spokesperson for XR who has appeared widely on TV and radio. Skeena has written for The Ecologist and Resurgence, Self and Society, Juno magazines and the website Common Dreams. She is a passionate and insightful advocate of non-violent language and for a kinder politics and culture.  Also a teacher of; Trauma Medicine, Raviv Brain, Body Intelligence, Heart Coherence and Heart Intelligence Training and a practicing ordinary Sufi Mystic.

Hosted by Professor Chris Baker

The William Temple Professor of Religion and Public Life at Goldsmiths, University of London and Director of Research at the William Temple Foundation. The William Temple Foundation is a research thinktank dedicated to the thinking and vision of Archbishop William Temple, Archbishop of Canterbury from 1942 – 44, who coined the phrase ‘welfare state’. His ideas continue to inspire the search for just and flourishing alternatives across religious and secualr divides for future sustainability.

Heart-Shift Team

Our webinar presenter and facilitator was Flo Scialom of the Network of Wellbeing

The Heart Shift Webinars were originally conceived by Joshua Malkin as part of the Kindness Revolution – the Leeds Festival of Kindness Compassion & Wellbeing – and prior to the pandemic were to be a day conference at Leeds Minster in partnership with Leeds Church Institute who will be hosting other events in the series.