The Power Of Kindness

About The Heart Shift

The Heart Shift is a transformational, prophetic, human politics of kindness, compassion and mutualism at the intersection of spiritually, inter-faith and socio-eco activism, which includes all traditions, denominations and none and therefore can be embraced by many secular and faith organisations alike.

Only by deepening our respect for each other and for all life can we fulfil our individual and collective purpose. It is time to engage our hearts as well as our minds if we are to create a better world…


Life-enhancing or life-degrading actions, are the poles of a heart-informed ethical and political compass that is necessary for a new culture of whole, wellbeing systems to support human and environmental flourishing.


If we are to replace the degenerate aspects of our culture and economy that degrade what we hold most dear, then responsibility for the personal, public and planetary wellbeing, necessary so all may flourish, must come before entitlement – whether of state power, individual rights or of capital financial markets.


Consequently, kindness, compassion and wellbeing are central to a new post-liberal, post-secular, whole systems paradigm of mutual fraternity and fellowship. This is no small adjustment to the one dimensional perspectives of right or left or centre but a whole evolutionary shift above to prioritise shared purpose over sectarian power.

“We cannot have wellbeing alone”
Satish Kumar


Our objective is to clarify and promote a perspective of ‘kindness’ as a ‘new’, meta, collaborative, pan-denominational, ‘political’ frame – of shared purpose, coherence, value-creation and greater efficacy that challenges old ways of thinking across the political and ideological spectrum. 


Heart Shift events are a part of the Leeds Kindness Revolution, which comprises a consortium of individuals, charities, community and voluntary groups and is a partnership between, Leeds Church Institute and the William Temple Foundation.


The Heart Shift Team includes:  Joshua Malkin from Civil Society Alliance, David Midgley from Jamyang Buddhist Centre Leeds, Angela Green from the Leeds Kindness Revolution an Helen Reid, director of Leeds Church Institute and Professor Chris Baker, director of the William Temple Foundation.

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